WDSS: Summer Research Projects

Student Researcher

  • WDSS
  • Coventry, UK (Remote)
  • Part-time

What can you expect?

As a Student Researcher you will be working directly with one of the experienced WDSS exec member or associate (either a finalist or a postgaduate student). To allow for the best match between your personal interest and our expertise the exact details of the projects are still up in the air. We are the most excited to work with you in the following methodological areas:

  • Hidden Markov Models
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Variational Inference
  • ML with images
  • GAN
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computational Biology / Autoencoders
  • Sport Statistics
  • Time Series Forecasting

This project will be run virtually and will be done in small teams, unless you wish otherwise. You will be provided supervision to seek guidance on your project and share your thoughts. Eventually, you will be able to write a report (accompanied by code) to show off your research on our research blog. For those who wish to go further, there may an opportunity to present your work to YRM, an informal seminar that gathers young researchers in statistics to develop presenting skills and showcase your work.

Role Responsibilities

  • Research the topic, read relevant publications
  • Apply acquired knowledge to a specific data-driven problem (Python or R skills are expected)
  • Attend weekly meetings to discuss the progress of work
  • After a succesfful completion of the project, write a summary of your work in the form of a blog post to be published on WDSS's research website

Candidate Attributes

  • Good familiarity with either Python or R.
  • Basic knowledge in statistics (e.g. Linear regression, hypothesis testing).
  • Drive and curiosity, with an interest for data science / machine learning or related fields.
  • Sharp organizational and time management skills.

How to Apply

Use the application button on this page or email recruitment@wdss.io. The body of your application should include your CV together with one paragraph for each of the following points:
  • What is your experience with Data Science / Machine Learning / Statistics? (or any other relevant experience)
  • What are your interests? Do you want to learn more and do research about a specific methodology? Which one of our research ideas do you want to explore or do you have your own inspiration?
  • If you have a particular idea for a project in mind, please provide us with a short description. (optional)
We will promptly get in touch to discuss the role further.

Job Overview

  • Posted date : 13 June 2022
  • Location : Coventry, UK (Remote)
  • Job nature : Part-time
  • Start date : 9 July 2022
  • Application start : 13 June 2022
  • Application end : 1 July 2022

You can find the full application details in the job listing.

About WDSS

WDSS is a student-led society focused on spreading the word of interdisiplinary data science through talks, networking, teaching, and research.